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Brand Development : Ad Designs & PPC Banner Ads

Successful Online Marketing Campaigns is Key.
Lonzo Designs has years of experience in creating successful marketing campaigns for sole proprietors, small businesses owners or in larger corporations. I design eye catching advertisements with your branding & identity so people remember your brand. #craigslistads #craigslist


Online Ad Designs & Pay Per Click (PPC)

Ad Designs with a QUICK turn-around.
My ad designs are designed to include your logo, your branding & identity and your brand marketing look & feel. You'll need to supply your logo, images, text, URL and call your action. I will create the ad for you, go through edit/revision and approval process. Then at that time, I will provide you with the image & posting code. Contact Lonzo Designs to DESIGN your next ad!


How To Order Your Ad Design

1. Make your secure payment thru paypal.

2. Send me any photos, graphics, text or design elements you require.
    If you need assistance with this - Call ;)

3. You can watch me work!! I will send you a link to watch me work after payment
    has been received. Fast image ads with 24 hour turn-around.

4. Send me your feedback and I will make any needed modifications required.

5. I will provide you the final custom graphic image (such as: .jpg or .gif or .png)
    •   HTML snippet of posting code so you can copy and paste with ease.
    •   Tips and Tricks on how to post on craigslist.
    •   Other resource info is provided.


Animated Ad Designs

Image or Text Rotation Animation
Animated ads filter through 3-4 images to showcase your products and/or services. They provide a nice pop for the visual surfer on the internet.
These ads can be used on #craigslist job section, backpage and email campaigns.

Animated Image Ad Design: (.gif)
  •   Animated Ad Design $89.00* Order Now ~ via Paypal!
  •   Future Animated Ad Edits $35.00* Order Now ~ via Paypal!
  •  (plus transaction fee)


Static Image Ad Design

Static Image Ads : Your Brand & Message
Static ads are a great way to showcase your brand, your image with your message. They appear as a single image ad design (.jpg). These ads can be used on some sections on #craigslist (certain size restrictions may apply), on #backpage, #ebay, email campaigns and other #socialmarketing.

Static Image Ad Design: (.jpg or .png)
  •   Static Ad Design $79.00* Order Now ~ via Paypal!
  •   Super Size Static Ad Design $89.00* Order Now ~ via Paypal
  •   Future Static Ad Edits $35.00* Order Now ~ via Paypal
  •  (plus transaction fee)


PPC Banner Ad . Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns

PPC Banner Ads : Static or Animation
  •   PPC Static Banner Ad $79.00* (.jpg or .png)   Order Now ~ via Paypal!
  •   PCC Animated Banner Ad $89.00* (.gif)   Order Now ~ via Paypal!
  •  (plus transaction fee)

Discounts do apply for multiple sizes and/or orders. These are typicall used on Google PPC, Yahoo PPC, Bing PPC and other webistes that offer click through services. #ppcads

Click on image to see all the various sizes for a PPC campaign.

Pay-per-click advertising Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and campaigns are the primary way of advertising on the internet. PPC ad campaigns: For PPC banner ads for Yahoo and Google Leaderboard: 728 x 90, Square: 250 x 250, Small square: 200 x 200, Large rectangle: 336 x 280, Inline rectangle: 300 x 250, Skyscraper: 120 x 600, Wide skyscraper: 160 x 600. All ads must be under 50KB or smaller in static or animated format.


Other Services Offered by Lonzo Designs

Ad Design Flip
The ads have allready been designed. They could be a flyer you made, an ad thats in the yellow pages of other art that you are using. I will take the art piece add your website URL and flip it into an image code for you.
  •   Ad Design Flip $59.00* Order Now ~ via Paypal! (plus transaction fee)

Photoshop (CS5) File (PSD)
  •   After you ad has been designed and completed you can purchase the Photoshop file. This includes prepping the file with all the elements, labeling all the layers for ease of use and organizing the layers so you can edit and change the text nicely. I will also show you how to complete and hook up the image for use.
  • Photoshop File w/ 15 mins of tutoring $89.00* Order your Now ~ via Paypal (plus transaction fee)

Tutoring - Learn more about social marketing & brand development.
Learn how to POST LIKE A PRO or how to create your own marketing plan for a higher conversions. What ever you needs - I can teach you. Each tutoring session is tailored to fit your needs. All lessons are private, one on one. Sessions are Tue-Th 8-4 pacific standard time. Available nights and weekends by appointment only. Learn more

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Joan's graphic, web design & craigslist designs are featured in:
ebooks, news groups, blogs and paperback books sold everywhere!

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Thank You
Just a note of thanks for contacting Lonzo Designs for your ad design services. Please send me an email and let's schedule an appoinment to discuss your ad design. I look forward to working with you.



* All credit card payments have a transaction fee by the Square or Paypal.
Lonzo Designs does NOT design ads for the erotic and theraputic sections on craigsist. Nor do we design ANY creative works for adult explicit material or promote illegal services for any online advertisement. I have the right to STOP working on ANY project if I feel project could violate Craigslist guidelines. I will provide you the the final craigslist image (i.e. jpg, gif or png) so you can post it. #craigslistads #craigslist #socialmarketing #addesigner


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